Casino War赌场之战

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  (金山直译)摘要 :

  这一场游戏被和四甲板玩。 卡片被排列当做在扑克牌中,除了总是有最高的价值么点以外

  描述 :

  当一个运动员做他的赌时候, 一张卡片将对运动员有而且一张卡片将对经销商有。 如果运动员接受的卡片然后是比较高的他赢得而且拿假使领带的钱,运动员将有二选项从中选择。 选项是投降而且没收一半的打赌。 另一个选项是战争。

  如果运动员然后选择战争选项他一定升起等于到最初的赌数量的他打赌。 经销商然后将会燃烧 ( 投外面的) 三张卡片而且给运动员和经销商另外的一张卡片每个。 如果运动员第二张卡片打或关系经销商的第二张卡片, 然后运动员赢得在上升和最初的打赌上的平坦钱是推。 如果经销商的第二张卡片然后然后有较高的价值运动员失去两者的打赌。 被打赌的领带也是可得的, 薪资 10 到 1 如果最初二张卡片系。

  Summary :

  This game is played with four decks. The cards are ranked as in Poker, except for Ace which always has the highest value

  Description :

  When a player does his wager, one card shall be given to the player and one card shall be given to the dealer. If the card the player receives is higher then he wins and gets the money In case of a tie, the player shall have two options to choose from. One option is to surrender and forfeit half of the bet. The other option is war.

  If the player chooses the war option then he must raise his bet by an amount which equals to the original wager. The dealer will then burn(throw out) three cards and give the player and dealer another card each. If the player's second card either beats or ties the dealer's second card, then the player wins even money on the raise and the original bet is a push. If the dealer's second card has an higher value then then player loses both bets. A tie bet is also available, which pays 10 to 1 if the first two cards tie.