Chess Conquest西洋象棋征服战

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  一款由Game Artists特别制作开发的象棋征服战。游戏中玩家们的身份是一个国王,而目的只有一个那就是扩张自己的地盘,否则的话,玩家将会被狂暴的敌人们从王位上赶下来。作为众多国王中的一位,玩家们要完成将所有其他的国王擒获的任务,并且在游戏过程中,玩家需要解决千奇百怪的问题,有时还需要与对手进行一番激烈的决战哦!


  King Khnar is conquering the world. Your castle is the last place where people are still fighting for the freedom. You, the King, are going to struggle for emancipation and free your people and your neighbors. But your conquest is not easy. Khnar is very tricky and his army is big and strong.

  You will have to use all your skills and knowledge to win the chess, Chess Conquest! Chess Conquest is a wild mix of classic chess game and RPG. It has strong AI with several levels of difficulty, a story line, many challenging problems to solve, high quality graphics, and a very nice sound. You have never played such chess game before!

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