Midnight Casino午夜赌场

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  The big boys of gambling are waiting for you inside this world-class casino!

  Midnight Casino gives you the chance to play the three most exciting casino games: blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

  Once the game starts, you'll have the choice between two game modes. If you have just a few minutes to kill, the Quickplay mode is ideal! Then there's the Casino Mode, which will plunge you directly into the charged atmosphere of a prestigious casino. Walk right up to tables in four deluxe game rooms and choose one of the multiple versions of the three available games. As the games go on, truer-than-life opponents will join you and keep on surprising you. They'll speak right to you, and you'll even see them leave the table after too many defeats! If you want to get richer more quickly, go up against them in tournaments where you might rake in juicy payoffs. Once you're rich enough, finish up by challenging the top player on that level to try to win the access card that will let you enter the casino's next level and finally get to play with the big boys!