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Bookoo MotocrossBookoo摩托越野赛

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  Calling all motoheads! Ready to tackle the most physically demanding sport on Earth – professional motocross racing? Then jump in the saddle and tear up the track along with the world’s top riders from Team BooKoo and “The Reality of Speed” TV series!

  Scramble against skilled opponents on ten killer moto tracks. Grab some serious air and power-glide from hilltop to hilltop. Dodge obstacles, track hazards and fallen riders. Out-maneuver reckless rivals. It’s the ride of a lifetime.

  Will you be the first to grind your wheels across the finish line while the rest of them eat dirt? It’ll take more than a four-stroke engine and a set of knobby tires. You’ll need skill, muscle, balance and an attitude that’s tougher than the track.