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Starlet Football 2006小星星足球 2006

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  Starlet Football 2006 is a high quality mobile football game that combines genuine feel of the real game with unbeatable playability. The game supports all J2ME handsets in the market from the lowest to the highest end.


  It's a fun sports game with 45 degree isometric view for more visible playfield. Players can choose a team from the wide range choice of 32 nations, take part in training, exhibition, cup or league, and try their best to challenge for champions. There are rich actions in the game, for instance, running, sprinting, dribbling, short passing, long passing, shooting, head shooting, tackling, slide tackling, staggering and tumbling. There are also some special actions such as slide kicking, dive kicking and bicycle kicking. All elements of real match are implemented in this game, such as entering into the court, placements, offside, referee, celebration, and penalty shootout.