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EA Sports Madden NFL 06疯狂美式橄榄球2006

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  *Al Michaels和John Madden的场外讲解



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  Take the field for exciting NFL football with EA Sports Madden NFL 06. Play 11-on-11 as your favorite NFL teams and players, selecting from over 50 plays from the real Madden playbook. Throw precision passes and feel the excitement of hard-hitting tackles narrated by Al Michaels and John Madden in the only football game to have on your mobile!

  Features :

  * 11-on-11 play

  * Hundreds of animation frames for realistic player movements on: runs, passes, kicks, tackles and special moves

  * Madden Playbook ? over 50 plays from the real Madden playbook

  * NFL Players - full team rosters (32 per team) and skill sets for all 32 NFL teams

  * Voiceover commentary from Al Michaels and John Madden

  * Sound effects for hard tackles and more

  Tips And Hints :

  * Drop back after you hike the ball. This will give you more time to throw down field.

  * Do not throw into double or triple coverage or else you will be intercepted.

  * On offense call a balanced attack of both rushing and passing plays.

  * On defense, you will most often want to call 3-4 or 4-3 defenses against short yardage situations.