Real Soccer 2006 World League Cup实况足球2006之世界联盟

Real Soccer 2006 World League Cup实况足球2006之世界联盟

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  For all the fans of soccer battles, World Cup Championship 2006 from "Qplaze-RME" is to become the most thrilling event in the mobile sports’ world.

  The game is irresistible: fickle game tactics, unpredictable competitives’ actions, well considered controls and amazing graphics… Want to show your friends the scored goal? – the “Replay” function permits not only to view the scored goal in the slowed shooting, but also to see the slowed evolution of the attack on the competetive’s gates. Want to win quickly? – No problem: just lessen the match’s time, and while the confused players rebuild their tactics, the victory can become yours.

  A real battle will occur on the screen of your phone. All the players of the championship strive to win the desired prize – the World Cup, but only the best will get it. Just bring your team to the victory!