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HipHop BattleHipHop街舞之战汉化版

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  如其名,喜欢HipHop的朋友可以试试,NG可以安装但无法看到. 应该是JAVA2.0的游戏. 支持6600 3230以上机型

  In HipHop Battle you are a dancer

  auditioning to become a famous

  HipHop Star. After passing the training

  modes you will enter into one-on-one

  competitions with another dancer

  and gain points along the way for

  each correct move.

  Experience HipHop Competitions like

  never before! The hottest dancing

  game for mobile devices lets you step

  into the spotlight and show your phat

  HipHop moves. Enter the dancefloor and

  put your skills to the test as you

  move to the Polyphonic groove.


  - create your individual dance-character

  - 3 groovy level with 6 cool competitors

  - Talent orientated difficulty level

  - Training Mode for easy game entry

  - Stunning in-game Hip Hop graphics

  - Polyphonic sounds for phat Atmosphere

  - Highscore function