Wimbledon 2006温布尔登网球2006

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  Wimbledon 2006 is an evolution in mobile tennis! The most prestigious tennis event on earth, it represents over 25 countries and follows the format of the real tournament. Make use of over 10 different kinds of shots to outsmart and beat your opponent and work your way up the rankings.


  NOKIA 7260, 7610, 6600, 6630, N90-1, N80-1, 6230, 6670, 3230, 6020, 3220, 6030, 6680, 6682, 6620, 6021, N70-1, 5140, 6260, 6230i, N91-1, 6681

  MOTOROLA MOT-V300, MOT-V3, MOT-A830, MOT-V975, MOT-V600, MOT-V550, MOT-V551, MOT-V500, MOT-A845, MOT-V620, MOT-C980, MOT-V180, MOT-V400, MOT-V555, MOT-V220, MOT-E550, MOT-E398, MOT-V330, MOT-V535, MOT-V547, MOT-V635, MOT-V80, MOT-C650, MOT-V980, MOT-C975, MOT-L7

  SAGEM SAGEM-myV-65, SAGEM-myV-55, SAGEM-myV-75

  SONY ERICSSON SE-K300i, SE-J300c, SE-K500i, SE-K750c, SE-J300a, SE-K300c, SE-K750i, SE-J300i, SE-K500c, SE-K500, SE-K300a, SE-D750i