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  Roll out the green tilt, place your favourite players on the field and let's go. The whistle's blown and a new game of TIPP-KICK? has started. TIPP-KICK? is a gripping round-based strategy table football game which fascinates with its unique combination of action and tactics.

  Kick the ball, round after round, pass the defence with a clever strategy and score a goal. Numerous characters with own strengths and weaknesses generate hours of fun. Invite your friends to play a hothand-multiplayer game. The realistic ball physics and the unique game concept create the perfect TIPP-KICK? feeling which has fascinated million people worldwide since 1924.

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  LG:U8110, U8120, U8130, U8138, U8180, U8330, U880

  Motorola:A1000, C380, C975, E1000, E398, E550, E790, PEBLU6, ROKR_E1, RazrV3, RazrV3X, RazrV3i, SLVRL6, SLVR_L7, V220, V300, V525, V550, V600, V635, V975

  NEC:E228, E313, E338, E616

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  Sagem:MyS7, MyV55, MyV65, MyV75, MyX4

  Samsung500, D600, E300, E330, E620, E700, E720, E770, E800, E810, E860, E860V, X460, X480, Z105, Z107, Z107M, Z130

  Sharp:GX10, GX10i, GX20, GX30, GX30i, TM100

  Siemens:C65, CF75, CL75, CX65, CX70, CX75, CXT65, CXT70, M65, M75, S65, SL65

  Sony Ericsson750, D750i, F500, F500i, J300, J300i, J500, J500i, K300, K300i, K500, K500i, K508, K508i, K510, K510i, K600, K600i, K608, K608i, K610, K610i, K700, K700i, K750, K750i, K790, K790i, P800, S600, S700, S700i, T610, T630, V800, V800i, W300, W300i, W550, W550i, W800, W800i, W810, W810i, W900, W900i, Z1010, Z520, Z520a, Z520i, Z530, Z530i, Z600, Z800, Z800i