Football Mania疯狂足球

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  这款游戏会给你带来很多乐趣! 疯狂足球是一款有趣而紧张的双人战略游戏。你可以跟你的同伴或者电脑比赛,谁先踢入两球谁就是赢家。你可以从24个足球名星中选择你的队友

  测试机型:NOKIA 6630, 6680, N70 等

  This game means lots of fun in your favourite pub! Football Mania is a strategic 2 player soccer game with funny characters and lots of tension. Whoever scores the first 2 goals will win. That means there?s always time for a quick game. If you don?t have a pal available, you can play against the computer. He will make sure to torture your brain. Choose your team-members among 24 different caricatures of soccer stars.