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World Championship Edition 2006世界冠军2006

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  Create professional football command by its own hands! The goblet of the championship of peace 2006 must become your, and for this it is necessary to be laid out to all one hundred, after demonstrating its organizational and trenerskiye abilities. The intense fight from thirty two commands, which are attempted to obtain cherished trophy, is in prospect for your children. For you it is necessary to second-by-second assume lightning strategically valid solutions both during the matches and in the interruptions.

  Develop the competent tactics of the game of your command in the field, settle organizational moments, and also the basic factor of any victory - human. For you one must to become the part of your command, to see the right through each football player of their command, to feel him, to understand his weak and strong sides and, analyzing everything, make correct motions. , before scolding the dear command for poor game, try to organize composite to independently and lead it to the victory. This is in no way simple!