Wireless Boxing无线拳击

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  game - simulator of boxing, that makes possible for player to pass way from the boxer- amateur to the champion of peace. In the course of game the player participates in multi-roundVYKh boxer duels. All successful impacts increase the experience of boxer, after battle the obtained glasses are released to increase in one of the characteristics of character - force of impact, maneuverability, reserve of health. Form in the game - - from the third person. Camera is located from behind and on the side from the play character the entrance of battle players can accomplish on 3 forms of impacts to the left and to the right, place blocks. Battle is limited in a quantity of rounds (it is established in tuning of game). Battle can end before the appointed time, if one of the soldiers spent entire reserve of health. All combat, in which participates the player, are considered in the statistics. Combat occur in the different cities in different arenas. The figure of girl with the table is used for the declaration of the number of sequential battle.