NBA SlamNBA扣篮大赛

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  NBA Slam - become the King of Dunk!

  Do you have what it takes to be the NBA’s premier high riser? Now NBA Slam

  lets you take it to the rim with authority against some of today’s best

  leapers including Vince Carter, LeBron James, Jason Richardson and Josh

  Smith. Bring back the Old School and play as some of yesteryear’s slam-dunk

  champions including Dominick Wilkins, Larry Nance and Dr. J. Beautiful

  graphics (including 15 dunk moves) and over the top audio makes each dunk a

  blast to pull off.


  -The Real Deal - Officially licensed and supported by the National Basketball Association

  - High Flyers - Features current players from all 30 NBA teams and Slam Dunk legends from yesteryear

  - Throw it Down - Master a huge selection of crazy, gravity defying dunks with unique button combinations

  - Above the Rim - Build up your Dunk Booster and take your dunks to a whole new level; literally

  - Practice Makes Perfect - 4 unique gameplay modes including Quick Play, Exhibition, Tournament and Practice

  - Eye Candy - Rich 3D-created graphics for players and court

  - You Gotta Earn It - Unlock new and more difficult dunks as you build your high flyin’ profile

  - Braggin’ Rights – Global Leaderboards show the best dunk scores around the world

  Already tested to work on n6630,Ngage Classic and Ngage QD.....