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Turbo Camels Xmas Special急速骆驼圣诞特别版

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  Santa brought you a camel for Christmas! You lucky jockey, you. We know you wanted socks from grandma, but this is better, because now you can join the International Camel Jockey Club and compete in Turbo Camels Xmas Special. The fastest, hairiest and jolliest racing game ever created for mobile phones.

  Turbo Camels Xmas Special gives you a chance to compete against the world's best camel jockeys. Fill up your snorting, hairy 6 litre beast, put the pedal to the… err… camel and take to the international camel circuits. With six of the world's fastest camels, their ice-cool jockeys, nine different tracks to race on and unlimited racing with increasingly difficult competitors, Turbo Camels Xmas Special offers a whole new experience for even the most experienced camel racer.


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