Pub Pool 3D酒吧台球

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  IOMO Studio Pub Pool 3D

  One of the world's most popular mobile games gets the 3D treatment in this cutting edge sequel. Terry's back, along with a new cast of players in this fully 3D follow up to Pub Pool.

  Play pool in a game which not only faithfully recreates the sport but which also places it in an authentic public house setting. Everything about this Java game is realistic; from the dodgy house rules (do you nominate a pocket on the black?) to the dreadful flock wallpaper. The only thing missing is a pint and packet a crisps!


  * Unique Physics engine-enables you to make realistic shots as you make them in real pool, including swerve and 'masse' shots that curve the trajectory of the ball!

  * Play against up to computer opponents or against a friend

  * Translucent 'ghost' ball, helping you aim

  * 4 different table colors

  * Flying camera: view table from any angle

  * Unique graphical user interface

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