RTL SKi Jumping 2006RTL高台滑雪2006

RTL SKi Jumping 2006RTL高台滑雪2006

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  (金山直译)奥运会的冬天游戏的官方行动电话游戏,托里诺 2006? 是终极的多训练喜好运动的挑战。 在 4种不同的冬天训练竞争 - 障碍滑雪赛,卷曲, 滑雪板跳跃和连橇 - 在现实的竞争环境中。 个别地玩每件事件而且使你的技术完美或参与你一定征服所有的训练变成冠军的竞争模态。 以完全地取得冬季运动的真实图形为特色美学的和奥运会的游戏精神。

  The official mobile phone game of the Olympic Winter Games, Torino 2006™ is the ultimate multi-discipline sporting challenge. Compete in 4 different winter disciplines - Slalom, Curling, Ski Jumping and Bobsleigh - in a realistic competition environment. Play each event individually and perfect your skills or participate in Competition Mode where you must master all disciplines to become champion. Featuring authentic graphics that perfectly capture the winter sports aesthetic and spirit of the Olympic Games.