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NHL 5-ON-5 20062006 5对5曲棍球联赛

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  THQ Wireless同美国全国曲棍球联合会(NHL)推出的新款体育游戏《2006 5对5曲棍球联赛》(NHL 5-on-5 2006)。


  Premium Game: The most authentic wireless hockey game ever made has been completely revamped for the 2005-2006 season!

  Now you can get the realistic on-ice experience you expect from THQ Wireless. Licensed through the NHL and NHLPA, this hockey game brings one of the toughest sports to life in the palm of your hands! The latest version of our award-winning hockey sim, NHL 5-on-5 2006 boasts more robust art and animation, awesome AI and gameplay improvements, more body-checking sounds and cheers, and all of the excitement you expect from THQ Wireless Sports games! Enough Talk. Let's Play.

  Fetaures :

  • Authentic – The only 5-on-5 wireless hockey game features fast action and gameplay reminiscent of classic console favorites!

  • Become the Next Superstar – More than 300 NHL players realistically rated in 5 categories

  • Take Control – Pass, shoot, check, and deke opponents with simplified controls, bringing real-life moves to your fingertips!

  • Feel the Hits – Vibration feature (where available) will allow you to feel every check thrown during gameplay

  • Road to the Cup – Season play lets you take your team through the playoffs, all the way to the championship series where your play determines whether or not you bring home

  the cup!


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