Street Soccer 2街头足球2

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  街头足球的规则,只有利用手段或者野蛮的行为来进行游戏. 胜利的方法,取得更多入得分入球或者击倒敌对球队的队员. 喜欢收集红牌?没问题—而且还有很高的奖金!


  - 主要游戏过程中有大量模拟街头打斗动作.

  - 与九个风格各异的敌对球队在三个不同的场地比赛.

  - 有提升能力的道具,包括: 医疗包, 加速器 及 疯狂火球.

  - 发短信向朋友挑战!

  - 把你的得分及奖金发送给移动联盟More fights, more goals, more pain! Play with finesse or brutality to rule the streets. Win by scoring more goals or by knocking out all the opposing team’s players. Like to collect red cards? No problem—they’re highly rewarded!


  - Great soccer simulation with over-the-top arcade fighting action

  - Play against nine unique teams in three different locations

  - Power-ups include Medical kit, Speed Boost and Amazing Fireball

  - All-new SMS friend Challenge!

  - Post your scores and earn chips in the Mobile League