FOX Sports Boxing福克斯运动拳击

FOX Sports Boxing福克斯运动拳击

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  是扫清路上的对手成为无可争议的世界冠军或是在第一局就被击倒在地?——一切尽在你的手中!Fox Sports Boxing 将把你带到手机的竞技场来挑战强壮,狡猾的竞争者,来提高你的技巧。选择好等级和防守的计划。然后用你的信念来战胜对手。警告!游戏动画十分血腥,我们对伤痕和流血不负任何责任!










  Fight your way to become the undisputed champion of the world or get knocked out in round one - it's all in your hands. FOX Sports? Boxing throws you into the mobile ring to prove your skills against tough and crafty contenders. Choose your level and defensive scheme. Then, come out throwing with conviction. Be warned, animations are so hard-hitting we take no responsibility for bruising or blood.


  1st person views of your opponents.

  Befuddle the opposition with a variety of punches: jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body blows, flurries and signature moves.

  Climb the ranks with three levels.

  Choose your skill level: Amateur, Pro and Championship. Then, enter the mix and knock down contenders on your way to glory.

  Choose a defensive scheme.

  Select your defensive strategy in between each round. Since every boxer has his style and strengths, a good defense can be your best offense.

  The faces of battle.

  As you pound your adversaries to a pulp, they'll take on black-eyes and bleeding. You might even knock their mouthpiece out!


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