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Hockey Power League曲棍球力量联盟

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  Hockey Power League By Microforum

  Hockey fans all over the World are disappointed with the latest news announcing that the 04/05 National Hockey League season has been cancelled. While fingers of blame are being pointed all over, the simple fact is that due to the lockout, any hopes of watching a live exciting hockey game played at the highest professional level just flew out the window. Hockey fans like me are left out in the cold and have to watch replays just to get our regular hockey fix.

  Since the NHL season has been called off, hockey fans all over the World are probably looking for something to give them their hockey fix. There are games available both on the PC and the various next generation consoles. Mobile hockey games are few and far between, and those that are available are seriously lacking in quality. HPL is an adequate hockey game to play around with. However those seeking more depth and realism in their hockey games are better off playing hockey in their Xbox or PS2.