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Alonso Racing 2005阿隆索赛车2005

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  费尔南多-阿隆索(Fernando-Alonso),出生于西班牙奥维耶多.目前效力于英国 一级方程车队 雷诺车队(Renault)。

  2003年,Alonso在匈牙利站拿下个人首次竿位及分站冠军,这也是Renault车队重返F1之后的首次胜利,Alonso也打破Bruce McLaren自1959年所写下F1史上最年轻的单站冠军车手纪录,同时也是F1史上最年轻的竿位以及最快单圈车手!


  Go in for the 2005 Championship playing the role of the superb pilot Fernando Alonso, in a new version including plenty of enhancements since the original topselling game: Upto nine new circuits, some of which can be downloaded separately. Multiplayer mode, in which each player can face other 3 human players in real time, watching his rivals on screen during the race. Enhanced Artificial Intelligence and driving, to ensure the most realism in your races. Also the player can join a Championship, parallel to the real one, against the rest of the players, with great prizes. ? Don't miss the game of the year!