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Eurosport Indoor Games西欧室内运动会

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  Now all the thrill and excitement of the world greatest sporting events is available on mobile by utilising a collection of indoor and outdoor events in two separate games. The Eurosport Games will cover a diversity of events such as Table Tennis, Weight Lifting and even Clay Pigeon Shooting!

  4 events - Reach the gold medal in Table-Tennis, weightlifting, fencing and trampoline.

  Varied control - Each event has its own set of controls, which make every event unique and fun.

  Superb graphics!

  Choose from 8 different countries

  Automatic save feature - The game will automatically save so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.

  Music and sound effect – Eurosport Indoor games will feature an engaging sound track and sound effects to further immerse the player in the game