Playman Winter Games冬季运动会

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  Playman Winter Games? was been selected as the best sports game for mobile phones in 2004 by the German gaming site Playman Winter Games outdid competition from some of the biggest gaming brands in the world.

  The Handy-Player Game Of The Year Awards were given to the best mobile games released in 2004 across a wide range of categories: Action, Fun and Arcade, Jump and Run, Role-playing, Sport, Strategy (real-time), and Strategy (turn-based). This allowed the site’s visitors to see which titles, out of the thousands of games released for mobile phones, are really worth their time and money. The awards announcement can be found online at:

  Mr. Goodliving's Playman Winter Games is the latest title in the critically acclaimed Playman series of sports games. Players can compete in sports including biathlon, bobsleigh, ski jump, and slalom. Like all previous Playman titles, Playman Winter Games has been designed specifically for mobile phone handsets. It features simple, easy-to-learn gameplay, rich, colorful graphics, controls created for phone keypads, and fun events which can be played individually or as part of a larger tournament.

  The Playman franchise is a rarity in the mobile games sector, being wholly designed and created for mobile phones. Mr. Goodliving, the developer of the Playman Sports? series, has created a character and a franchise that can be easily compared to those in the game console market. As the mobile games sector continues to grow, original intellectual property and mobile-originated games will become a key component in building a strong, global industry.

  Sami Lahtinen, Executive Producer, Mr. Goodliving, said, “We are thrilled about Playman Winter Games being chosen as Handy-Player's Best Sports Game of 2004. As with all Playman Sports? titles, we managed to choose events which players can pick up and enjoy, even if they have never played or seen the events before. Each title created by Mr. Goodliving is designed specifically for use on mobile phones, and we aim to ensure that everything—from graphics and gameplay to controls and production—meets the highest possible quality standards. Playman Winter Games utilizes every available features of each handset, resulting in an uncompromised gaming experience on a wide range of handsets from affordable low-end devices to high-end smart phones. If mobile gaming is to reach its full potential—and we firmly believe that the industry will grow rapidly in 2005—games cannot be simple ports from existing console games or licenses tied to generic game engines. Mr. Goodliving intends to make every game a game of the year.”