Die Hard虎胆龙威

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  情节: 当一个国际的恐怖份子组织控制多层的建筑物, 他们的罪犯计划: 盗窃数百万。 一个男人独自地能阻止他们: 纽约警察局约翰 McClane 警官. 用他的机智 ,阻止他们的计划.

  你的任务: 反对全副武装的恐怖份子上升 ; 解除武装他们的炸弹; 而且搜索建筑物,地板的房间 你的唯一盟友是洛杉矶警局警官 Al 鲍威尔,鲍威尔经由无线电话机提供他的协助和忠告。

  In 1988, NYPD officer John McClane made his unforgettable appearance in ie Hard? a box-office hit famous for its mix of action, humor and suspense.

  The plot: A Christmas office party suddenly turns into a nightmare when an international terrorist organization seizes control of a high-rise building. John McClane and his estranged wife Holly are among the celebrants surprised by Hans Gruber band of international outlaws. Their criminal plan: to steal millions in bonds from the building security vaults. One man alone can stop them: NYPD John McClane. Using his wits, his street-smarts and his cop intuition, he fights against time to neutralize the terrorists, thwart their plans, and free Holly from their grip.

  In 1988, ie Hard?John McClane quickly became a household name. Today, the original tough cop makes his new debut in the mobile phone game based on the film ie Hard?

  Poorly equipped, heavily outnumbered and completely outgunned, you assume the role of John McCane. Your job: To go up against heavily armed terrorists; disarm their bombs; and take back the building, room by room and floor by floor. Your only ally is LAPD Sergeant Al Powell. As your only link to the outside world, Powell provides his assistance and advice via walkie-talkie.

  But be careful! Don think you can simply run wild throughout the building, shooting up anything that moves! Your ultimate goal is to rescue all 30 hostages. Cleverness, tactics, stealth and wile are equally as important as being fast on the draw. These skills must therefore be part of your overall strategy. Your ultimate objective is not to simply eliminate the enemy.

  Are you ready to embark on an explosive adventure featuring as much intrigue, suspense and drama as the film ie Hard?


  Based on the original film ie Hard?/font>

  13 action-packed levels

  Multiple weapons: handguns, grenades, bombs and more

  Pseudo-3D in-game graphics

  Challenging mini-games