Ball On The Wall壁球

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  Practice squash on the garage door. Score more for hitting tyres, guitars, tin cans and bottles. A second ball appears after every 250 points which gives you double points. Lose a life if you miss the ball.

  How it works :

  1.Move the racquet left, right, up and down judging the direction of the ball.

  2.Hit the ball with the same key again.

  3.After every 250 points a second ball appears and you need to play both the balls together.

  4.If you miss 5 chances the game ends.

  5.UP or 2 to move the racquet up.

  6.DOWN or 8 to move the racquet down.

  7.LEFT or 4 to move the racquet left.

  8.RIGHT or 6 to move the racquet right.

  9.No lives lost for missing one of the balls when 2 balls are in the play.