FIFA Football 2006 v0.72

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  FIFA 2006 retains the spirit of the franchise by giving you numerous choices from the moment you turn it on. Initially,you can pick from a few different modes, like the traditional modes, friendly and career, which give you the opportunity to play a single game or many with the same team. The new gameplay modes are challenge and competition, which are a welcome replacement for the training and shoot-out options from FIFA 2005. There are three facets to challenge mode: comeback challenges ask you to overturn a famous score deficit in a short period of time; rout challenges demand an equally arduous task of duplicating historical scoring frenzies in regulation time; and custom challenge lets you create a unique challenge of your own. Competition mode lets you either play a season in a few different leagues, like the FA Premier League,or play for cups from all over the world, such as the America's Club Championship, the Copa del Rey, and the DONG Cup, to name a few.