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  - 绝对的确实性: 真实的FIFA球队

  完全的控制: 让人流口水而且经过用改良的控制拥有程度和被改善的出击。。

  - 完全的细节美丽的游戏:广播- 质量的记分板和时钟,而且较多的运动员动作。递送一个深刻,生动的和真实的足球体验。

  - 智能的的AI: 新的和改良的攻击形成和策略在你的比赛中对于程度至高使联合操作成为一个主要武器。

  - 深入的游戏模态: 炫耀你的技术在巡回赛,季节情节和枪战模态。

  - 感受足球比赛现场的紧张: 听到解说者的声音注释和音响效果


  FIFA 06 returns to the mobile playing field with more teams, better graphics, and improved gameplay. Utilise improved formations to create the perfect attack with the world’s greatest players.

  From setting attack formations to lining up a shot on goal, take complete control of your team. Whether you compete in a Friendly or battle it out in Tournament mode, FIFA 06 includes a comprehensive selection of game modes, letting you dominate the action on the pitch.

  Experience the authenticity and intensity of FIFA 06 as football kicks off on your mobile.


  - Absolute Authenticity: Play as or against some of the world's top international teams from real FIFA leagues.

  - Take Complete Control: Own the pitch with improved controls for dribbling and passing and an Optimised Shot Meter that improves shooting UI.

  - The Beautiful Game in Full Detail: The broadcast-quality scoreboard and clock, a textured field, improved Shot Meter, and more player animations deliver a deep, vivid and realistic soccer experience.

  - Intelligent Football: New and improved attack formations and strategies make teamwork a key weapon in your fight for pitch supremacy.

  - Immersive Game Modes: Show off your skills in Friendly, Tournament, Season Scenario and Shoot-Out modes.

  - Feel the Tension of World Class football: Listen to voiceover commentary and riveting sound effects