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  悉尼将会无法再一次是相同的城市。在很多的尝试之后在得到驱动器执照,我们的主要字符,被吊,藉由诉诸贿赂行为最后得到一的前香港 cabbie 逃亡 Wei。 完全不做乔 , 被通过逃亡的测试教师,他正在放悉尼人在危险的数量。在香港人中在是错误的方法在悉尼驱动而且打不要这的正确边上驱动。 在 HK 中驾驶的他攻击性的没有- 无意义的事可能已经允许他除了它之外只加速过去的停顿流量那里将会在悉尼的监牢登陆他。 。 驱动经过一座图解式地足以使人晕倒的城市。 复充足使它有趣;聪明地设计保存它乐趣。 。 卤莽地驱动经过城市街道而且混沌!


  运动员承担街道一定走开拾起无怀疑的乘客和放他们到他们的目的站的智慧出租汽车司机的角色。 被乘客支付的费用将会使运动员能够买一辆较好的出租汽车。 困难被飞越时间听写为每位乘客分配。如果乘客是更重要的, 为走开降低他们到他们的目的站被分派的周期将会很比较短。 游戏将会有不同的时间限度靠费用的型拾起的通。 较好的脱肠还纳术将会有超级加速度函数。 如果一个运动员使用这一个功能,他的汽车将会有较棒的速度以将会使他能够用比较的安逸通过障碍。 举例来说,如果运动员需要在构造之下仍然通过一个桥接器,运动员一定使用超级加速度函数以便出租汽车罐子障碍没有任何的猛拉障碍。 取代点,钱为每一完成任务将会被颁发。 如果运动员成功地送通常的人到他们的目的站,$100 将会被颁发。 如果一个电影明星是挑选向上而且成功地减少 ,$500 将会被颁发。 $2000 将会被给予如果贵宾熟练地被带来到他们的目的站。 方向键 (键 2,4,6 作为掌舵出租汽车。 仰赖城市的道路, 键 2 是为驾驶在和键 8 是为驾驶下上面。 键 4 是为向正确地转。 键 6 是为向左边转。 如果运动员不按方向键,出租汽车将会减速。 键 3 是为超级加速度。 键 9 是为刹。


  Sydney will never be the same city again. After numerous attempts at getting a drivers license, our main character, former Hong Kong cabbie Lam Wei Hung, finally got one by resorting to bribery. Little did Joe, the test instructor who was persuaded to pass Lam, know the amount of danger he was putting Sydneys people in. In Hong Kong people drive on the right side which is the wrong way to drive in Sydney and Lam seems not to know this. His aggressive no-nonsense driving in HK may have allowed him to speed past stalled traffic there but it will only land him in jail in Sydney. . Drive through a graphically stunning city . Complex enough to make it interesting; cleverly designed to keep it fun. . Drive recklessly through city streets and enjoy the chaos!


  The player assumes the role of a street smart taxi driver who must pick up unsuspecting passengers and drop them off to their destinations. Fare paid by the passengers will enable the player to buy a better taxi. Difficulty is dictated by the transit time allotted for each passenger. If passengers are more important, the period allocated for dropping them off to their destinations will be shorter. Games will have different time limits depending on the type of fare picked up. Better taxis will have super acceleration functions. If a player uses this function, his car will have greater speed that will enable him to pass obstacles with relative ease. For instance, if the player needs to pass a bridge still under construction, the player must use the super acceleration function so that the taxi can hurdle the obstacle without any hitches. Instead of points, money will be awarded for every completed task. If the player successfully sends common people to their destinations, $100 will be awarded. If a movie star is picked up and successfully dropped off, $500 will be awarded. $2000 will be given if VIPs are skillfully brought to their destinations. Direction keys (keys 2, 4, 6 are used for steering the taxi. Depending on the roads in the city, key 2 is for driving up and key 8 is for driving down. Key 4 is for turning right. Key 6 is for turning left. If the player does not press direction keys, the taxi will decelerate. Key 3 is for super acceleration. Key 9 is for braking.