Dev Pratap Singh(电影角色)

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  -Dev Pratap Singh(你扮演的角色的名字)你的任务来了。城市陷入了暴乱,特别委员会的Tejinder Khosla (Om Puri)会像以前一样干扰你的活动,你的线人正在秘密的向你报告下一次骚乱发生的地点,你必须赶到骚乱发生的地点去营救着火房子里无辜的人们,但是,要尽力堤防和避免接触Farhaan (Fardeen Khan),Farhaan (Fardeen Khan)认为你和他父亲死有关并想要复仇,请抓紧时间,你只有一天来完成任务,而每个分任务要花2-3个小时






  2或上键 上移选项

  8或下键 下移选项

  5或确认 确认选择


  2或上键 攀爬

  4或左键 左移动

  8或下键 爬回前一层

  5或确认 开门并营救

  0 当你在安全地带时返回地点菜单


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  Commissioner Dev Pratap Singh (Amitabh Bachchan), your mission has just arrived. Riots engulf the city. While Special Commissioner Tejinder Khosla (Om Puri) constantly tries to discourage you, your informants try to keep you in high spirits by letting you know where riots strike next. You must go to the riot affected areas and rescue innocent people from their burning homes. However, watch out for Farhaan (Fardeen Khan) and avoid him by all means possible. He thinks you are responsible for his father's death and wants revenge. Hurry Commissioner Dev, you only have one day to complete your mission and each place you visit costs you anything from 2 - 3 hours!

  How it works :

  1.Take cues from your informants and reach the riot affected areas quickly.

  2.Once at a riot affected area, you have to kick open doors and save innocent people.

  3.Watch out for Farhaan, his proximity to you is displayed below. Make sure he never catches up with you.Reaching the riots:

  4.Press 2 or UP to move up the selection.

  5.Press 8 or DOWN to move down the selection.

  6.Press 5 or FIRE to make a selection.In rescue mode:

  7.Press 4 or LEFT to move left.

  Press 6 or RIGHT to move right.

  9.Press 2 or UP to climb up to the next ledge.

  10Press 8 or DOWN to climb down to the previous ledge.

  11.Press 5 or FIRE to open a door and rescue people.

  12.Press 0 to return to the location menu when you visit a peaceful area.