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  Privateers presents the Caribbean in all of its gold trading, galleon battling glory. You have been given a Letter of Marque and a small ship permitting you to explore and conquer the New World , and make a fortune on the way!

  Playing as either the Spanish, English or Dutch you must discover the ports of the Caribbean from Jamaica to Caracas . Produce goods such as rum and horses, trade slaves on the open market for a profit and upgrade your ship to something a little more powerful, maybe a Frigate? And when the time comes to take on the other nations in the New World , gather your forces and battle it out for supremacy. Do you have what it takes to be the king of the Privateers?


  - Large smooth-scrolling Caribbean world

  - 20 different historic ports

  - 7 different historic ship types

  - 3 nations plus pirates

  - Trading goods within dynamic economy

  - Building construction

  - Open sea battles

  - Assaults on ports

  - Sunken treasures