Blitzkrig II二战

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  (金山直译)为行动电话的 Blitzkrieg 是一种 " 可动装置 " 策略的迷人经验, 将会允许你拿潜水进第二次世界大战的大气之内。 和各种不同的工作迷人的和最初的军事任务等候你 - 从敌人的歼灭和我的- 放置到轮流加强物体而且敌人攻击的逐退。当你的经验生长,而且游戏百科全书将会提供你快的接触仪器规格的时候,你的指令技术将会提高。

  Blitzkrieg for mobile phones is a fascinating experience of "mobile" strategy, which will allow you to take a dive into the atmosphere of World War II. Fascinating and original military missions with various tasks waiting for you - from the annihilation of the enemies and mine-laying to taking fortified objects and repelling of enemy assaults. Your command skills will enhance as your experience grows, and the game encyclopedia will provide you quick access to equipment specifications.