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Quest of the Hero魔法门英雄无敌

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  英雄的旅程充满危险和困难。 你将会必须对抗许多敌人, 为了要防护来自邪恶的自由王国 , 聚集在你的旗帜下面的不同人而且完成许多各种不同的探索。

  在一场游戏中有 20 不同的人,在你的身边和敌人边都能对抗。 每人有它的独特战争特性和外表,而且一些人能恐怕最好使用魔术。

  Here is the story of this land as told by the Book of the Legends. Many years ago The Dark Wizard tried to occupy The Free Lands, which is your kingdom. The Dark Wizard was defeated by a hero and life in the kingdom continued as nothing had happened. But then the situation changed, the kingdom of Free Lands expanded and got more plentiful but at the same time the Castle Kings directed that plentiful income into building new castles and villages, forgetting the importance of a "B" army. But the evil was not sleeping. At the same time as the Kings were retiring their armies, the Dark Wizard had been building his dark army and attacked The Free Land again. This time his magic was too powerful. He cast his spells on The Free Land and enslaved many people with his magic. Now the Kings ask for your help.

  A hero's journey is full of danger and difficulties. You will have to fight against many enemies, to gather different creatures under your banners and accomplish a lot of various quests in order to defend Free Kingdoms from the evil.

  In a game there are 20 different creatures, which can fight both on your side and on the enemy side. Each creature has its unique battle characteristics and appearance, and some of creatures can as well use magic.

  To navigate in the world of Free Kingdoms player can use the map, which indicates all currently explored territories.

  Hero can hire up to 5 different kinds of characters to his army. Quantity of the creatures of each kind depends on hero's skills (7 levels).

  Hero himself can use magic. Magic and creatures are bought in castles/towns or captured in battles. The gold is paid out for accomplishing the quests.

  In a game there are also magic objects and amulets that increase (or decrease!) the battle attributes of some of your creatures or the whole army.