Space Mining II空间采矿

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  Space Mining II is an ambitious attempt to bring RTS gaming to mobile phone users. While it is entirely playable and fun, overall though technological limitations which isn’t the fault of the developer still leaves much to be desired. Until new mobile phones are released which rival the power of notebook computers or even the Pocket Pc, J2ME RTS games like Space Mining II and the like cannot improve beyond the current iteration. Still though Martin Dirks managed an amazing feat and deserves a lot of kudos for his hard work in delivering a pretty good attempt at an RTS game.

  The graphics of Space Mining II is colorful and well done - of course it will be impossible to ask for some of the latest cutting edge 3D effects like what Armies of Exigo, Warhammer 40K, and Battle for Middle Earth is sporting, but still overall the graphics of Space Mining II does a fine job of pushing the technological envelope of J2ME RTS gaming. I like the use of colors and while I encountered difficulty at the start in distinguishing what the various objects are on my mobile phone screen, Martin Dirk’s website was a great help in bringing me up to speed in playing the game. Your tiny pixilated men and robots will be zooming off and exchanging laser fire with opposing alien creatures as you play the game. Sounds are good enough for a J2ME game. The animation is fast enough and you won’t see much drop in the frame rate being pushed out by you mobile phone’s processor. The music coming out of my K700i’s speaker is a nice little tune that reminds me of the 8 bit era of gaming. If you think the old NES games have great sounds, then you’re in for a treat. The beat is catchy and very much adheres to the atmosphere of a terse and action packed RTS game.