Dragon fire火龙

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  Dragonfire is definitely influenced by old school RPG doctrines; you have a majestic main quest, several sub-quests, a lot of monsters, a workable inventory system and even a gambling system to boot. In short if you’re looking for a good RPG, then don’t read any further and just download the game. However if you’re skeptical, read on and let me convince you as to the wonders of playing in the world of Dragonfire.

  Graphically while the images are well drawn, and the backgrounds graphics contribute a lot to the overall atmosphere of the game, the entire game is based on moving static images. You won’t see animated player characters exchanging blows with nefarious monsters, you won’t see fireballs moving across the screen. What you will see though is a snappy featurette that will introduce you to the backstory and merrily send you on in your adventures. The sounds are adequate enough for the game. You’ll hear grunts when you get hit, you’ll hear a sword swing when you choose to attack a monster, and you’ll hear the beeps and pops that usually accompany mobile phone games.