Silent Storm World War II沉默风暴第二次世界大战(俄语)Silent Storm World War II沉默风暴第二次世界大战(俄语)标题图

Silent Storm World War II沉默风暴第二次世界大战(俄语)

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  (金山直译)秘密,情节,秘密的转移,每游戏分钟的压迫力, 打行动电话的荧屏这现在全部是可接近的! 沈默的暴风雨资讯科技将会把你转移到战争第二次世界大战的领域。 统治独立地形成的特种部队军人的力量,运动员一定聚集数据和证据, 在基础上他获得新的工作。 为了要完成这件困难的工作运动员帮忙盟友, 他们的通常中央的目的 - 解救来自核子的疾风和平!

  力量的军人 -孩子身体上地准备,爬,他们走而且跑,以及优良地他们射击! 所有的这些选项的军队开支,依照类的法律,不同的!在破坏敌人之后,接近受害人是可能的, 学习, 谁这, 和主要的事物 - 取走他的武器。 但是一一定进入在这之后对个性被需要对被捕获的手枪或枪的对那个排列的时候帐户之内轮流。

  Secrets, plots, secret diversions, the stress of each play minute, all this now is accessible on the screen of cell phone! Silent Storm It will transfer you to the fields of the battles World War II. Governing the independently formed force of Special Forces soldiers, player must gather information and evidences, on basis of which he obtains new tasks. To accomplish this difficult task player help allies, their common central objective - to save peace from the nuclear blast!

  The soldiers of force - children physically prepared, creep, they walk and run, and also excellently they shoot! Expenditure of forces for all these options, according to the laws of genre, different! After destroying enemy, it is possible to approach the victim, to learn, who this, and main thing - to take away his weapon. But one must take into account that after this to character is required the time to the "ranging" to the captured pistol or the gun.