Townsmen 3家园3英文版

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  家园是个趣味性很强的游戏,它的前期版本在Handy Games公司推出后受到了广大玩家的喜爱,现在改公司又推出了最新版本,其游戏画面更为精美细致。

  一开始也是在一片空旷的野地里开始基础建设,首先,要发展就得要木材,所以先建造一间伐木场,从产房里生产几个人来工作。而食物也是非常重要的,因此在建造伐木场的同时也建一间钓鱼场,还可以发展养殖业例如畜牧业等,这样生产就正式开始了。光生产还不够,还得发展文明,要建造学校、景观等。家园在建筑模式上增加了更多的选择,所以使得游戏画面更加丰富精彩。对于军事方面新版本做的也很精彩,行军打仗速度更快,操作更为简单。就像今天的社会一样,不但军事重要,经济更为重要,所以在游戏中特意设置了一个经济研究中心,可以帮助你更快的发展生产和进行商业贸易 。

  Overview of the new features of Townsmen 3:

  Travel to the New World and conquer the new continent

  Gripping story with up to 14 missions

  Determine the own destiny: become either a fair merchant or a scrupulous pirate

  Building of merchant or pirate ships

  Encounter indigenous people: fight them or trade with them

  Tasks and instructions of the subordinates during the missions

  Free decisions where to place new buildings such as distillery, farm, forester, fort, mine, shipyard, smithy, temple or the indigenous village

  Some buildings can produce different resources like tobacco or sugarcane

  Treat the native people respectfully and they may build a temple to worship you

  Fight the natives or the Old World in a slot machine like mini game

  Random events influence the game

  New fast motion function accelerate the production of resources

  Trade in the codes generate in the java game for new and rare cards in the Wap and Online game Townsmen Cards

  Features which have been taken from Townsmen 2:

  Build-up strategy game with an isometric, scrollable map

  Challenging campaigns

  Free to decide where to place building like barracks or the pig farm

  Intuitive controls

  Easy administration of the resources

  The cute inhabitants, the famous Townies, influence the game

  Compelling sound effects