Pirates Ahoy加勒比海盗

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  Pirates Ahoy

  Impressive graphics similar to N-Gage High Seize but works on 6600/7610!!!nice music makes this title fun to play!

  Prove yourself in thrilling naval battles in the Caribbean Sea! Fight for gold, rum and honour being the notorious Beauty Bill or the bold Bonny LaGrace. Sink your opponents' ships with cannonballs or by ramming them till there is nothing left but swimming hullplanks. Collect abandoned treasury chests with various extras but be aware of hidden bombs, unpredictable winds or dangerous swirls. Show your friends that you alone are the real nightmare of the Caribbean!


  • Enthralling and action-loaded Pirates adventure

  • 4 characters with different strengths and weaknesses on the High Sea

  • Elaborate and cute graphics in the Caribbean style

  • Cool sound

  • Randomly generated maps

  • Easy to control (One-Thumb game)

  • Fun for up to four players in the Hothand / multiplayer-mode

  • Unpredictable incidents (wind and swirl)

  • Pirat-O-Mat (randomly selected characters)

  • Demo (movie) for an easy access