Road to riches富翁之路汉化版(大富翁类游戏)

Road to riches富翁之路汉化版(大富翁类游戏)

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  一个类似大富翁的游戏. 画面相当漂亮明快

  以下为英文直译身为一个宝物猎人,你需要运气和策略。 在灿烂的岛上,赚得钻石的最重要的策略是表示你对顽皮的丑小鬼的信心; 因此你需要构造寺庙和其他的系统内各部分祈祷顽皮的丑小鬼。 顽皮的丑小鬼只运行在他们里面有信心的人上财富。 当某人在你的土地上停止的时候, 租金需要被依照前提的水平支付。

  轮流来自 6 的你角色有不同的个性可得的个性。 虚拟的对手被很帅头- 到- 头的个性表现代替颜色表征到达高点你的兴趣。

  除了买而且卖财产,特权和处罚之外在 3个奇境之中的不动产内也是可得的,有被以好运气或鬼祟的恶作剧也将会震动你的顽皮丑小鬼保卫的令人惊异的社区胸。 你能用对你的不动产发展是有利益的魔术卡片的策略使用带领你的运气。 丢骰子而且成为在岛上的最富有的运动员今天

  As a treasure hunter, you need luck and strategies. On Brilliant Island, the most important strategy to earn diamond is to show your faith in The Goblins; therefore you need to construct temples and other infrastructures to pray for The Goblins. Goblins only perform fortune on people who have faith in them. When somebody stops on your land, rent needs to be paid according to the level of the premise.

  Take your role from the 6 available characters with varied personalities. Virtual rivals are represented by groovy head-to-head characters instead of colour tokens to peak your interest.

  Apart from buying and selling properties, privileges and penalties are also available in the estates among the 3 wonderlands, there is an amazing Community Chest guarded by The Goblins who will shock you either with good luck or with sneaky pranks. You can lead your luck with the strategic use of Magic Cards which are lucrative to your estate developments. Throw the dice and become the wealthiest player on the Island today