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  一款战略游戏,每个任务由一个任务简报开始, 告诉你目的是什么。在不同的地点你的任务有杀叛徒、破坏敌人基础设施、营救人质、偷车辆等。游戏中允许自由的策略组合,比如:你可以从远处射击敌人避免自身的危险,或者用一颗手榴弹来造成更大的伤害但增加了自己距离靠近的危险。在一些关卡中,甚至允许你从树后面偷偷地逃走避免正面接触。

  In Guerrillas, an action-strategy title from Living Mobile, your mission is to overthrow a group of rebels planning a military coup. The government cannot afford the bad publicity involved in arresting Tartega, their leader, or declaring open warfare, so instead they send in a group of guerrillas to sort out the problem. You must carry out a series of missions to thwart the rebels, and finally eliminate Tartega himself.

  You control a group of soldiers of which each has a primary attack, as well as a special skill. Especially in the later levels, these skills must be used strategically to get you out of sticky situations. The sniper, for example, may be able to shoot powerful enemies from a distance, and so avoid getting him killed. A well-aimed grenade, on the other hand, causes far more damage, wiping most targets out with a single shot, but must be thrown from far closer, thus increasing the risk. Other soldiers include the medic, who can heal injured soldiers, the driver, who can operate vehicles such as jeeps and tanks, and the pyrotechnic, who drops explosives and detonates them from a distance.