Resco Locker v1.30.2 for Palm

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无插件 安全 正式版


  V1.01 - Locks the whole applications instead of just the first records.

  V1.02 - corrects occasional bad display of the "L" attribute

  V1.03 - another correction of the DB attribute "L" (locked).

  V1.04 - preference panels added to the application list.

  V1.05 - 5way handling added

  V1.10 - Prevented locking of ROM DBs (crash), moving cursor by typing a char, support for DA's (Desk Accessories), sorting by the lock state


  Palm TX compatibility

  Attribute "P" denotes protected databases.

  "!" marks apps that might be acting on background. (They receive typical notifications.)

  You can save DbCache space by locking the code segments only. (Concerns apps only.)

  DA's display DA launcher icon.

  Help.txt included into the .zip installer.

  V1.21 - Bug fix: DB protecting limited to the Palm TX applications only

  V1.30 Locking is compatible with the newest Palm models: T700p, T680.

  Added the possibility to lock overlays that override some ROM database, i.e. RAM databases of the type 'ovly' which have a ROM DB with the same name/creator/type.


  Under NVFS unlocked RAM overlays can be discarded from the DbCache and Palm OS may start using the original ROM file instead.