9.95 Mahjong v2.2

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  • 软件语言:简体中文

软件平台:PALM OS 3.5

无插件 安全 正式版


  9.95 MAHJONG brings the excitement of solitaire Mahjong to your Palm OS handheld. For the first time you can enjoy a really playable Mahjong, specially designed for your PDA, and featuring 50 challenging layouts, gorgeous backgrounds, 3 stunning tile sets, unlimited undo/redo, high-score tracking, hint function, and much more. This tile matching game will keep you entertained for many hours - guaranteed!

  Awesome gameplay:

  Choose between 50 challenging layouts going from 12 to 154 tiles

  Play layouts in random order, in sequence, or in any order you want

  Leverage real time statistics providing:

  - the number of tiles left

  - the number of available matches

  - the time spent on the current layout

  Improve your Mahjong skills and record your high-scores

  Stunning graphics:

  Beautiful layouts with shadows and isometric perspective

  3 gorgeous, easy-to-read tile sets optimized for handheld screens:

  - tradition (classic Chinese)

  - simple (basic shapes)

  - simplest (letters and numbers)

  Colorful background images

  Animated tile special effects

  Great features:

  Use the "Hint" function to receive a suggestion for your next move

  Stuck? Do a "Shuffle" to rearrange the tiles

  Don't be afraid of making mistakes! Take-back as many moves as you want with the unlimited UNDO/REDO feature

  Resume the current game at any time with Automatic Saves