3D Star Fighter Pilot

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  Show your friends what your Palm can do! Very fast real time 3D engine, advanced particle effects, multiple real time lighting effects, real time physics, advanced opponent AI (as advanced as most PC and console games). A game you have to see running on your Palm, as no static picture can really show what it can do!

  3D Star Fighter Pilot aims to be a good fun arcade game, that extends the ideas and game play of the early 1980's arcade style video games, by replacing their preset flight patterns, with a far more advanced and complex form of opponent AI, that adapts to the player's actions, and the movements of the other enemies. (It uses flocking behavior AI). So every game will play slightly differently, as your enemies adapt to your actions, providing many hours of replay entertainment. In a sense, its like the idea of AI Bots in all the modern first person shoot-em-ups, but in this case, its a space arcade game.

  The game is played by dueling with one or more enemies at a time, until you can complete a sector of space, (one level). There are 31 sectors in the full game, but this 'first look' demo version (provided here), only has one small sector with 8 enemies in it, of three different types. (There are 21 types (or species) of enemy fighters (and creatures), and hundreds of enemies in total to fight in the full game).

  3D Star Fighter Pilot supports all Palm or compatible machines with PalmOs3.0 or above, in three standard display formats, including full color, gray scale, and even the old black and white only machines.