Ball Strikers For PalmOS Full Version v1.5

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无插件 安全 正式版


  BALL STRIKERS is a very favorite and exciting game. A game for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment.

  Features :

  -User-Interface Enhancement

  -Game-Level Selection

  -Difficulty-Level Selection

  -Game-Randomization Level.

  -Background-Environment Selection.

  -The ability to control the number of balls to carry per-game.

  -The ability to paused and resume in between games.

  -The ability to store at most 9 greatest scorers of all time.

  -The ability to skip either on the next or on the previous level in between games.

  -Environment visualization during game configuration.

  -Support of sound enhancement.

  -Sound must be turned-on in the Preference setting of your device.

  -Support for high-resolution devices.

  -Detailed Help Information with visual information.

  -The ability to run on an expansion card.(e.g. SD Card, MMC)

  -Compatible to most palm Devices